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Urban Times

Opportunities – Urban Times

Opportunities – Urban Times

Urban Times

Tej Kohli Foundation Funds Corneal Transplants In India

If you are reading this, you have sight. Having sight is something that most of us probably take for granted and don’t spend too much time thinking about. Many of us have suffered a minor, temporary injury to an eye where we have lost sight in the eye...

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Urban Times

Corneal Transplants Funded By Tej Kohli Foundation Helping India’s Blind

In June of 2010 the Tej Kohli Foundation embarked on an altruistic mission to restore sight to  many of the citizens of India who are afflicted with corneal blindness.Although blindness is caused by numerous factors, some forms of blindness are curable – and corneal blindness is one of...

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Urban Times

Meet The Extraordinary Man Fighting To Empower India's Women

Although India takes great pride in proclaiming itself the largest democracy in the world, it is a terrible place to be a woman. India is one of the the poorest countries in the world. Women suffer horribly under the burden of poverty in a country where the only food...

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Urban Times

Tej Kohli Foundation Uses Kaizen To Improve Children’s Lives

  We have probably all heard the expression that children are the future of the world. Therefore, we need to make sure that the children are healthy and educated. Healthy children will live longer lives and educated  children will be better equipped to contribute to society. But what...