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Dr. Seuss

Journalist, Writer, Editor

I love to write about adventure travel, health, gourmet food, gardening, sustainability, creativity, and inspired living. When you need a writer, contact me. 509-389-2606 - or at

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Slant: Sharp Angles on News and Culture.

SLANT Seeks To Elevate Crowdsourced News by Combining The Authenticity and Objectivity Of User Generated Content With Full Editorial Guidance and Direct Compensation...

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Managing Your Stress Is Easier Than You Think

Do yourself a favor....

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Here's How You Can Stop Your Child From Becoming A Bigot

Bigots are raised, not born....

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Why The Gold Rush Will Never End In Alaska

There's no place like Nome, AK....

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Here's The Golden Truth About Gold

The entire family can share in the fun of prospecting and finding the elusive mineral....

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Are Drinking Enough Water?

Water is the fuel your body needs....

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Here's How To Avoid GPS Disasters

If your GPS device told you do drive off a bridge, would you?...

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Dinosaur Lovers Flock To Montana In Droves, And For Good Reason

It's a paleontologist's paradise....

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How Meditation Can Help You Find Inner Peace

Stress doesn't stand a chance....

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Why Glacier National Park Is The Crown Jewel Of Montana

There's a reason it's a World Heritage Site....

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How To Survive An Avalanche

Don't underestimate the dangers of an avalanche....

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Devastation From The Fire Of 1910 Lingers Over 100 Years Later

"It will be centuries before a normal forest is restored."...

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You're Never Too Old To Get Back Into The Dating Game

The world is yours, ladies!...

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Here's How To Get The Most Out Of Cysteine Supplements

These supplements have more health benefits than you're probably aware of....