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I love to write about adventure travel, health, gourmet food, gardening, sustainability, creativity, and inspired living. When you need a writer, contact me. 509-389-2606 - or at

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How to Choose Wood Floors With Cherry Kitchen Cabinets | eHow

How to Choose Wood Floors With Cherry Kitchen Cabin...

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The average salary of oil rig pilots | eHow UK

The average salary of oil rig pilots | eHow UK

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The Name of the Tree with Orange Berries | eHow UK

The Name of the Tree with Orange Berries | eHow UK

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The Best Nurseries for Rare Plants | eHow UK

The Best Nurseries for Rare Plants | eHow UK

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Travel Tours Departing from Canada

Residents of Canada love to travel. Whether it's a day trip within the province or a lengthy excursion to exotic ports around the world, Canadians enjoy exploring new places and experiencing ......

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How to Research Executive Security Travel Risks

The continual threat of terrorism, infectious disease, violent political strife, war, mechanical failures and the devastating violence of nature are valid concerns for executives traveling to ......

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Cabins in Wasilla, Alaska

The fourth largest city in Alaska, Wasilla is situated on the northern point of Cook Inlet in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. Known for its majestic mountains, wildlife, marine life and birds, a visit ......

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Cabins in Homer, Alaska

Every year thousands of visitors flock to Homer, Alaska for the breathtaking views of majestic mountains, glaciers, and wildlife. Homer is famous for its fishing, and charter boat trips are offered ......

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Pike fishing in scott bay, michigan | eHow UK

With more than 11,000 lakes, including four of the Great Lakes, Michigan is a fisherman’s paradise. Known across the country as prime fishing grounds for pike, the Wolverine State ......

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How to landscape variegated shrubs | eHow UK

Horticultural hobbyists and gardening connoisseurs find great pleasure in locating and acquiring unusual variegated shrubs to add to the garden. Whether splashed, mottled, ......

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How do i detox cigarettes from the body? | eHow UK

Every smoker knows that nicotine is highly addictive. The nasty tar found in cigarettes increases a smoker's risk of emphysema, lung cancer and bronchial disorders. According ......

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How to build a mini-cabin | eHow UK

A mini-cabin is generally one room with less than 120 square feet of floor space. Whether you use your mini-cabin as a garden retreat, a child's playhouse or a rustic vacation ......

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The best plant food for my garden | eHow UK

Garden plants require carbon dioxide, light and nutrients for root development and plant growth. Fertilisation is an important component of garden plant health care. Natural, ......

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Olive trees that live in zone 5 | eHow UK

The olive tree (Olea europaea) is a small tree native to the coastal regions of the Mediterranean Basin. Whether an olive tree can survive in a particular location is dependent on ......

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How to grow purple onions | eHow UK

Sweet and mild in flavour and medium to large in size, purple onions are also known as red onions, though their skin is indeed purple. An excellent source of vitamins A and C, ......